Station Financial Managed Direct

Station Financial Managed Direct

Station Financial Managed Direct is an innovative investment and pension solution allowing you to set up regular contributions or to invest lump sum contributions into a Personal Pension or a Stocks and Shares Individual Savings Account.

What is Managed Direct?

Managed Direct is an online non-advised investment proposition enabling you to invest into a Pension or Stocks & Shares ISA account that is low cost, fully online with telephone support, and backed by Quilter Cheviot, one of the UK’s largest and most established investment managers.

Is this right for me?

Managed Direct is a new way for clients to invest who do not require advice but don’t want the responsibility of running everything themselves. Pensions and Stocks & Shares ISAs are longer term investments. You may wish to consider these types of investment if saving for retirement or a specific investment goal over a longer period of time. You may be willing to take more investment risk than investing in cash deposit accounts.

Who provides this service?

Station Financial have partnered Intelligent Money to provide Station Financial Managed Direct. Intelligent Money is an ISA Plan Manager and Personal Pension provider with a range of fully managed investment portfolios where the underlying money is managed by Quilter Cheviot. Station Financial has built a strong working relationship with both Intelligent Money and Quilter Cheviot. We have belief in their ability to provide a reliable service and their investment process is supported by a proven performance track record.

How does it work?

The fully online system is quick, automated and easy to use. You can choose from an ISA or Pension investment, and you are guided through a number of investment approaches based on time and risk attitude. Once set up, the online access will allow you to monitor the investment and make any changes whenever you wish to.

What if I need advice?

Station Financial Managed Direct is a non-advised investment solution. You may decide on reflection that you would prefer to discuss your options with an adviser. Alternatively, after several years of investing through Managed Direct, you may have some questions or some financial issues that you wish to discuss in more detail, such as approaching retirement. At any point, Station Financial can provide an advised face to face service where we can discuss your needs in more detail, including any existing investments you have made through Managed Direct. You are welcome to switch to becoming an advised customer of Station Financial at any time.

Important Information

  • An arrangement with Managed Direct is an investment where the capital value may rise and fall. There are no guarantees about the value of your investment and you may not get back the amount invested.
  • An investment with Managed Direct is not a cash investment. You should consider the timescale you expect to be invested for – investments in assets other than cash should always be considered a medium to long term investment.
  • You should ensure you have fully considered your own financial situation before deciding to make an investment. Ensure you have sufficient available funds to cover any emergencies and unexpected short term expenditure to minimise the risk of having to withdraw money sooner than planned.
  • This information, other rules, details of charges and the details of your investment options are all available when you enter the Manged Direct site. Please be sure to read the Key Features and Terms & Conditions documents on the site before proceeding.
  • Station Financial DO NOT PROVIDE ADVICE on this arrangement. Should you require full advice we would recommend you not use this service, and contact us for our full advice process.
  • Station Financial do receive a small fee when you invest with Managed Direct. This fee covers our provision of this service, ongoings support of the service and to provide you with a point of contact now or in the future, should you want advice. We charge a fee of 0.5% a year; putting it another way, for every £100.00 you invest Station Financial receive 50p a year.

I’ve read everything and I’m ready to invest!

Please click on the following link to be transferred to the Managed Direct website.